Monday, September 3, 2007

Day 13 - Soho

After the very late night which was Sunday, we rose a little late today. We had breakfast in a diner on 8th avenue and 50th. It was grand and set us up for the day.

We jumped on an A train to Soho. WOW! Where has Soho come from and why have we only discovered it now?! The shopping is incredible, so many stores all located in the one neighbourhood. We started on Prince St and ended up exploring the stores on Broadway. Amazing. Ending up in Chinatown, we took the train back uptown where we snacked in KFC before finishing our shopping.

Before heading back to the hotel, we hunted down the local beard papas, yes that Japanese chain is now in NYC. When we found it, it was closed for the night. Grr.

Back to the hotel where we spend a good two hours packing our cases and booked a supershuttle to pick us up tomorrow from our hotel and bring us to the Airport.

We finished the night with a drink in Therapy Bar on 52th Street,

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Anonymous said...

Great site, sounds like you are really enjoying yourselves.