Sunday, September 2, 2007

Day 11 - Lazy day in the big city

Quick update on today. We rose a little after 10am and headed out for a breakfast/lunch in Ellens, a diner on broadway. This is a fab place where the servers all sing as your meals are being served. It's like a little broadway musical in a restaurant, great fun. The remainder of the day included:
  • Shopping in Bloomingdales
  • Shopping on 34th Street
  • Dinner in the Olive Garden on broadway
  • Drinks up at Suite
  • A Drink in the pig and whistle Irish Bar!


Unknown said...

The Olive Garden? You have chosen poorly. :( There are so many fantastic places to eat here, why waste a meal at a crappy chain restaurant?

Unknown said...

lol, we'd never eaten in it, it was right on our doorstep. Was okay, we can at least say we've eaten there. One off our list! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi pat
enjoy your last few days in new york see you on wednesday


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat
thanks for getting the perfume enjoy the last few days see you soon