Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 10 - Shopping

We spent today shopping, the main thing to do in this city. Kicking it off we went to moonstruck cafe, our new annual visit, for a very large breakfast/lunch which really set us up for the day.

Century 21 was our next destination, it's the fab discount apartment store alongside the site of the world trade centers. Macy's and the stores along 32nd street followed and we rounded it off with a visit to Ambercrombie on 5th Avenue. I popped into the Apple Store, it was packed.

For dinner, we headed down into Soho and ate in an asian fusion restaurant, peep, which was very funky indeed. The toilets are situated half way into the venue, and consist of 1 way mirrors. You can see everyone outside whilst you sit on the loo! Crazy!

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