Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 7 - We clean up with Oprah

We kicked off the day with a visit to the Post office. Lucky for us there is one located in the basement of the John Hancock center, which is right beside our hotel.

We then made the track to the local laundry. It was some way away, in fact it was some way out of town. But we found it, and if your ever in this area, the location can be found below.

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Yo Yo's was very cheap. Soap power only cost 50cents, with a full wash $1.50. With every good and clean, we headed back to the hotel to shower and freshen up, why? It was 100F/37C outside! Amazing or what.

All refreshed, we took the bus down to the Harpo Studio, where the Oprah Show is taped. We'd just missed a taping, Oprah had left the building, but all the production crew where still present. After taking our photos we head back to the apartment for dinner.

We spending the evening in Boystown, was a bit of a mess getting up there as the read line was out of service. Tomorrow is our last full day in Chicago. There is still so much to do, this really is a great city!

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