Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 2 - The storms won't dampen us...

The temperature today were very similar to yesterday. You only have to walk outside for 10 minutes and you’re tired. It's very muggy. Looking back it really was the "calm before the storm".

Still on Irish time, we got up around 7am, taking our time to get ready; we finally left the apartment soon after 10am. We headed uptown in the direction of Jewel Supermarket to stock up on essentials. En route we popped into Barnes and Nobel bookstore just off "Elm Street" :).

Supermarkets are massive over here, why wouldn't they be anything else. Everything, apart from pizza is very cheap. An average €4 frozen pizza retails for doubles that here. Strange, considering this is the city famous for pizzas. I think it took us well over an hour to get around the store. Everything comes in vanilla or cinnamon favours. Can't get better than that.

We headed back towards to the apartment and prepared a very tasty lunch from all the food we'd stocked up with.

The 80's super-girl-group, the Bangles, are playing the world famous "House of Blues" on Monday, so we picked up tickets this afternoon. We should be in for a treat hearing them sing all of their classics from "Eternal Flame" to "Manic Monday".

We where somewhere downtown, in the "Loop" taking pictures of beautiful buildings, when a sudden change occurred. Blue clear sky's where replaced by very low gray clouds. Out of no-where 80mile strong winds blew down through the streets. People screamed and ran for the lives as massive umbrellas, designed to shelter customers from the sun, lifted up and were throw down the streets. We managed to avoid two of them. Street dust arose, blowing everywhere. Then the rains fell. OMG, was it crazy. Its been raining non-stop ever since, and boy we're not in Dublin any more - it's severe flooding rains combined with on-stop thunder and lightening storms. We took shelter in any and every store we found.

Extreme weather can't stop our shopping bug, we did managed to fit in most of the downtown loop stores before returning back to the apartment around 8pm. Watching the evening news, whilst eating back in the apartment, we learned 500 flights had been cancelled in the Airport, which itself has suffered power outages. This freak weather is hitting the city bad. Almost 1 tenth of the city is without power with tornado warnings on the cards for tomorrow.

This is all great fun. We've never experienced weather like it. Even though it's raining hard, we are being treated to a fantastic light and sound show above our heads. It's all very exciting for now. I'm sure if these conditions continue for the rest of the week, it will be another story.

We stayed in tonight as it's too bad to get outside. Dinned on mash potatoes, burgers on onion paps with fried red peppers. We drank the miller chill bear, it's lime flavour! Nice! Until tomorrow!

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