Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 6 - Manic Monday

Today we got to see The Bangles in the world famous House Of Blue but before that did some more sight seeing. Taking it easy, we didn't leave the apartment until after 2pm. I know very late, but it was a late night before.

We took the train north, and visited OZ park, which is dedicated to Frank Baum, writer of the Wizard of Oz, himself a Chicago native. The park is located in a very sleepy neighborhood with very fashionable boutiques!

Taking the brown elevated train back into the city, we rode the loop around downtown. The loop is basically that, an elevated track, which loops around downtown. Trains enter at one end, loop once and head back to the suburbs. It's great seeing the city from the an elevation.

After some shopping, we headed back to the apartment, ate, changed and headed over to the House of Blues, where the Bangles were to take the stage. I forgot my passport, and as everywhere is very ID strict, I'd to run back to the apartment and taxi it back. The Bangles were good, they sang their major songs towards the end of their set, but up until then, it was all new numbers for us. They played from 10 - 11:30pm. We didn't drink too much as drink was almost double standard bar prices. Crazy!

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