Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 3 - Navy Pier

We hit the shops today, mind you only window shopping. We’re going to save our credit cards for New York as all clothing items will be at least 9% cheaper as zero sales tax, not bad.

We’d been looking for the Abercrombie store, only to find it was in the Water Tower Place shopping mall, which is literally in front of our hotel. This mall is quite impressive, covering 8 floors; it has well over 100 shops. The 6th floor was our heaven as it housed Aercrombie, American Eagle and Hollister Co. (Note over here in America the floors are all wrong, ground is 1st, 1st is 2nd and so on!). Hollister Co. is basically a copy of Abercrombie, around 25% cheaper. American Eagle is similar to both, but cheaper still. Why have copies when you can have the real deal. We love our Abercrombie. Could have bought the entire store, but we’ve to hold back to New York next week.

We stopped for lunch in the very cheap, panda express, where a massive plate of food costs a little over €4. Very good value and really fills you up.

Doing the tourist thing, we bee lined to navy pier, taking in the scenic river side route. Actually we got a little lost on route, but did manage to stumble upon both Lowes and AMC cinemas; more on that in a bit! Navy Pier is tourist heaven; all the pleasure cruises depart from it. It’s also home to several amusements, including the McDonalds sponsored Big Wheel, video below and an IMAX, currently showing Harry Potter in 3D.

On the way back we decided to see a film and choose "The Invasion" starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig - was ok but not worth the $20 admin and $10 on popcorn and drink.

We made our way on the Red Line to Boys Town, its very similar to San Francisco’s Castro Area. Picking up listings guides we headed back to the apartment to prepare dinner and enjoy another miller lime beer. Feeling wrecked at 11:30pm we decided to head to bed instead of heading out. We’ll try to hit the bars tomorrow night.

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