Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 5 - Movie Sets

The sun is back. Wow, it was great weather again today. We're both bright red, typical! Today we hit the park, Millennium Park to be exact. It was a gift to the city to celebrate the turning of the twentieth century. It features wonderful gardens, an outdoor stage and amazing water monument consisting of two glass pillars, which have local citizens projected onto it from within, every 10mins they "spit" water. It's very hard to describe, but its great fun. The entire area is covered with water! Some of the photos below best help to describe it!

Close by we visited, Buckingham Fountain, made famous as the fountain in the opening sequence of "Married with Children". Again close by we visited the Latin culture festival, sampling some great food.

Heading back into two, in the loop area, we stumbled across the film set for the latest batman movie! Gotham city is in fact Chicago City! An entire city block was closed down. Extras where dressed up in Gotham Police Department uniforms, Gotham City Police and Ambulance cars where everywhere! It was great fun. Photos where a no-no, but we managed to take some until the camera died! So we headed back to the apartment for some lunch, giving us enough time to get it recharged.

So we headed back downtown to, hoping to catch some of the filming of the new batman movie. We did see some car chase scenes. As we were in the area of the Sears Tower, now the third largest building in the world at 110 floors, we decided to head over and up. For some 20 odd years, it was the world’s tallest building. Another first for this city of firsts! Naturally the views from the top are awesome. It’s very safe and enclosed.

Walking back to the apartment, we managed the catching the filming of Wanted, the new Angelina Jolie film. We ate in the apartment before heading out to McCools Pub for one and then onto Boystown.


Anonymous said...

hi! did you see any of the stars on sets there? when are you heading to NY? might ask you to get me something in NY before you leave, if its ok...?

Anonymous said...

hi pat and vinny
enjoying your blog enjoy the rest of the holiday